Strategies For Gates Of Olympus

Somehow people have lost all hope in strategies for slots and continue to base the game on pure luck. While luck plays a huge role, it usually favors the bold, and strategies, tricks, techniques, whatever you want to call it, are essential in winning that big break on the Gates of Olympus. Here’s how little dedication can strike that 5000x max or get a tumbler effect going on for you.

Fix That Budget

Indeed, a good rule of thumb is to deposit the money you can burn into the slots and try and get that win. Teaching players the importance of budget sounds useless since it is so basic, and everyone understands it. But with slots comes emotions. Take it from me; on some bad days, it’s pretty hard just to take L, stop betting, and call it a day. Some players waste their entire savings trying to hit the max or a mediocre bonus. Fixing a budget before we go all out is advantageous for all slot players.

Warming Up

An exceptionally well-sorted-out strat is to spin the slot with small bets to test your luck. You might hit an excellent tumble win if you’re lucky enough. 

 This strategy of starting with bets in small amounts depending on the money I had undoubtedly gave me an advantage of saving money for a more extended session, increasing my chances of winning more, and giving me more time to win a bonus. In this case, I quickly made a bet of $ 10’s for at least 6-7 spins and did not just win it back but won it back with a profit. That’s a huge difference.

You should set the auto-play feature for a smoother experience. However, while following this strategy, remember that it does not always work and consider stopping before a maximum loss. Instead, if you think you’re wasting more money doing this, you can mix different strategies like the next.

Using The Bonus Buy

The Bonus Buy feature is on the right side of the grid, where you can easily double your chances of winning. After trying out the single small bet strategy mentioned above for a while, if it looks grim, head over there and try out your luck on the Ante bet feature. It’s pretty standard on a Pragmatic Play slot, and most players know about it. The Ante Bet feature helps increase your chances of winning and hitting bonuses by 25%. It helps you receive extra symbols, so you should add the feature to your strategy.

For this, you can start with more or less than $500 and get 15 free spins. Adjust the bet according to the chances and hope for the best. The Ante bet usually lets me win big on most days, but on some days, you could be losing, in a day, more than you win in a week. However, what are slots without high risks? In any case, a 25% chance of winning is more than zero or basing your spins on luck which could end disastrously.

There are more chances of winning with the free spin bonus and a chance to win it all back. Choosing a technique or strategy is better than going head-on. So winning big or losing it all depends on the path you choose. Always be prepared for any outcome when you start and play slots. The trick to a good slot player is maintaining composure and being patient. You have every right to be triggered, but wait until the game ends. If you lose all the money you started with, try another day. But if you have a few bucks left from your earlier deposit, stay longer and fight it out.


Your main objective or goal is to hit more than what you started with, so reading between the lines, deciding how much to bet, which strategy to use, and having patience will take you where you want to be. As mentioned, even though the Gates Of Olympus is there to reward you with big bonuses, this particular slot has very high volatility. Inexperienced slot players might find the game frustrating, to begin with, since the game punishes you more than it rewards you, but with all the thrill and excitement of winning big it brings, people that love slots don’t have anything to complain about. 

The game rewards its players in any way it can if we talk about all the features it offers. All you have to do is find the right mindset and strategy, figure out the features the game offers, and use it to your advantage.

The Probabilities 

On some days, chances of hitting a colossal tumble win are only 15 free spins away. The probability of you hitting a win is higher when you go all in, but taking the safe route might get you lucky too. Focus on your goal and keep winning.