Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is the latest installment in GameLoft’s popular first-person shooter. As in the previous games, you control a rapid response team whose members are trained to conduct combat reconnaissance and eliminate the world’s most dangerous terrorists. Finally, the creators have abandoned the old engine and created an application on HAVOK. The software allows to work out the universe much better quality, improved physics and lighting of objects.

In the sequel to the story we have to stop the impending nuclear war, several terrorist organizations have gathered together to simultaneously release the warheads on the capitals of the powers. To solve the problem of global importance entrusted to a trained group of marines, under the shoulders of which dozens of successful missions.

The gameplay did not change much, also in the right side of the screen is a joystick to move, and in the left side of the screen aiming and firing button. Automatic aiming was removed, and now to accurately put a bullet in the enemy’s head you must first get accustomed. Battles will take place at sea, on land and in the air. It will be possible to control a variety of equipment and improve uniforms.

Good news for fans of the series will be a network mode, where everyone who bought a license will be able to play against real people.