Incredibly exciting sequel to the video game “Shadow Fight 2” will immerse gamers in a brutal world of dangerous martial arts. Not a bad combination of several game genres, role-playing game and colorful fighting game will give the opportunity to perform impossible tricks, eliminating opponents, improve the level of the hero, improving his equipment, learning new skills and abilities, through which you can defeat enemy fighters and with complete success to complete the harsh tests prepared for you by the powerful forces of darkness.

The action of the android game is set in ancient Japan, there are brave undaunted ninja fighting with all the forces of evil. They accidentally opened the portal connecting the world of the living with the underworld, for this reason, the whole unclean force continuously makes its way into the world of the mortals, intending to make people their slaves. The player will have to overcome quite a long way full of deadly dangers, amazing adventures, treacherous battles and mysterious puzzles. You are the only warrior who can destroy the vile evil and seal the damn gate forever. If the valiant hero fails to accomplish his challenging mission, the world will change drastically, it will be enveloped in darkness.

During the initial launch of the game you will notice the main Russian menu, so to understand it, there is no special need, everything will be simple and clear. The developers have completely optimized the game for sensors, so the management of the protagonist is performed with light touch on the touch screen. To jump to the next level you need to defeat enemies, like in all the other classic fighting games. For each successfully completed battle players are given gold coins, which can be spent on a variety of weapons and equipment for their character. The stage procedure is recorded on a special map, which is considered your game guide. The deeper you advance, the more dangerous and powerful the enemies become, which will take a lot of time to destroy.

“Shadow Fight 2” is packed with realistic animation effects, fully conveying the various movements of the human body. This gives a chance to get unimaginable pleasure from the smooth plastic stunts, as if the gamer controls real live people. Detailed pumping hero, selectively provides an opportunity to equip him with all kinds of weapons. His number is simply immense: nunchakus, solid metal claws, short and long swords, spears, and a whole carload of other weapons with which you win the competition in battle.

During the journey, gamers will have to visit several provincial towns, all of which are rampant with infernal evil. Try to kill the whole horde of evil enemies and lock the devil’s gate. Wear protective armor and find magical amulets that can help you fight back the fearsome fiends. However, just because you have an amulet doesn’t mean that the enemy army can’t hurt you.