The JetX slot machine offers players the chance to win up to 100x their total bet with just one spin of the wheel. It’s not hard to see why this game has become so popular among MostBet casino locals looking for an adrenaline rush without having to strap themselves into a jet plane – or even leave their home!

JetX3 is a game about flying high and fast. You can earn points by avoiding obstacles or you can fly through them for more points, but don’t break your wings! All the while making sure to collect power-ups that will help you on your journey.

JetX3 is not your typical casino game. When bets are placed, three starships take off and there’s a chance to collect winnings – just like in Smartsoft’s flagship title: JET SETS OFF! The minimum bet has been set at 0.1 dollars USD with the maximum being 300$.

Players can place one or two bets simultaneously on each flight; even if you explode during gameplay (which happens!), it doesn’t mean losing all hope because players still have chances left as long as they’re playing against another ship until infinity comes around or I run out of lives 😉