Mortal Kombat is currently the most legendary fighting game created for many of the most famous platforms. The android game has a brand new special plot, a fantastic story, where players will meet quite famous colorful characters, including new characters from the Mortal Kombat universe, where the forces of good will confront evil.

Video game came out under the editorial developers, which means that gamers will see the excellent graphics and peerless dynamic effects, what has been waiting for Mortal Kombat fans.

At the moment it is the ninth part of exciting fighting game series, where the players will face such colorful characters as Ferra, Kasandra – daughter of Sony and Johnny, mighty god Shinnock and other familiar to many people characters: four-armed mutant Goro, pretty Kitana with deadly fans, charming Sonya Blade and dangerous Milena.

The game contains about thirty different characters. Lethal battles will unfortunately take place in an incomplete contact style, similar to Street Fighter. Here the combat mechanics are based on on-screen slides as well as pertinent taps, which in general is not reflected in the extravaganza and dynamics. Naturally, gamers will be able to watch the unbeatable bloody Brutality, Fatality, and other finishing…