A great mix of role-playing and strategy game in which users will need to take control of a large castle and a brave heroic character, and then stand in its defense, engaging in unequal battles with various enemies. Evil and insidious demon lord attacked your castle, kidnapping the beautiful princess on the way and burned to the ground almost everything that was there.

From now on, players must arrange a sinister vendetta against him and rescue the pretty princess from captivity. The castle control system is somewhat similar to the one we saw in Fallout Shelter. We move the first inhabitants of the kingdom to the barracks, and then move these characters to the global map, in which we will have to fight the fierce orcs.

During spectacular battles, users are given chests and gold coins, and they release settlers with their own unique skills, some can be assigned as cooks, others as warriors, and still others as treasurers.

The townsfolk work in sweat and bring players who have managed Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom some important resources: apples and gold, all of which come in handy for future development. Except for the Campaign mode, there is also multiplayer: the global map will depict enemy castles of other players, which can be attacked and robbed.

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